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TATTOO ACADEMY in kalyan west

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the Professional TATTOOing ACADEMY

B TATTOOS ACADEMY is only a one place where you can learn all about tattooing industry and it’s culture. We are a professional tattooing instituted with government certification. We fouces on every student while skilling their skills with pointed sharpe edges. Which further gives a rise to “BE TOP ARTIST OF TATTOO INDUSTRY”. Have a unique teaching method which makes it easy and enjoyable to learn, it can be very daunting to learn a new trade especially when you’re relatively new to it. Guide you through all the steps which in turn gives you the confidence to push forward in your new exciting career as a tattooist. Also understand the fear when you finish a course so we also help you through the steps after you leave. We are on the other end of the phone when/if you need our advice. With our courses we give you all the help you need to set up your own successful tattoo studio, if that’s the route you want to take.

B Tattoos | Pratik Jaising


Pratik Jaising Bapardekar the founder and owner of B Tattoos has started B Tattoos Academy with great care and thoroughness. He has built an excellent reputation in nascent industry with more than 10 years of professional experience in tattooing & piercing.

He have spent an impressive amount of time in the tattoo industry (since 2010) and it shows in his tattoos and teaching capabilities. He is a talented tattooist who has always believed in helping people get a head start into an industry that has always been difficult to get into and with tattooing becoming more of a mainstream business we want to take it from the back street mentality and put tattoo studios in high streets where they belong, the only way to do this is to teach the right way, with us teaching the correct way and the safe way to be professional Tattoo Artists.


The idea to build a tattoo academy took place in the year 2017 when he realized the importance and the need for proper education for the people wanting to pursue tattooing as a career. Under his vision and direction, B Tattoo Academy was established in the year 2017 and from that day onwards our Tattoo Courses have constantly been evolving according to the need of the tattoo industry.


ABout Course

b TAttoos academy (the professional tattooing institution)

It is with immense pleasure that we welcome you to B Tatto Academy. B Tattoos The Body Art has been one of the most trusted and genuine tattoo academy for learning and earning.

Our training methods are based on 99/1 rule, 99% practical and 1% theory. Our course design is broken down into simple steps to follow which eventually becomes a part of you subconscious mind routine and the perfection becomes automatic.



What will be in COURSE 

Focuses on importance of drawing/ sketching in mastering tattoo art. Four weeks of Intense drawing and skeching practice. Developing complex design using findamentals of drawing.Focuses on photo realism sketching, perspectives, live sketching,  ccomposition, etc. Understanding Of lights, shadows and realism drawing. Still life, live sketching etc will be part of exercise.

Weekly 2 or more observation sessions, you’ll get to see the actual process of tattooing. You’ll observe senior artists working on intermediate to advance level tattoos.

b tattoo academy 6

Practice whatever you have learnt from observation sessions. Implement learnt techniques in your daily practice sessions.

Understanding of photo-relism, portrait tattoo practice on synthetic skin. Learn realsim texturing techniques and the best practices. Focuses on complete hyqiene process one must follow as per laws of government.

Final 3 weeks will consist of tattooing on real skin, You will work on 4 to 6 tattoos on real skin. Esch tattoo will be progessively difficult. After each tattoo we will analyse your progress and based on that we will grade you. 

14 MODULes


Tattoo Knowledge

Tattoo Equipment Knowledge

Tattoo Machine Knowledge

Tattoo Placement

Types Of Tattoo

Tattoo Needle Knowledge

Tattoo Stencil

Tattoo Aftercare

Photoshop Basic

Different Types Of Skin Knowledge

Set Up Of Tattoo workstation

Tattoo Business Management

BUSiness management

Understanding the difference between Artist’s mindset and Businessman’s mindset. How important is to manage a balance between two to become a successful.

Understanding various marketing strategies in both online and offline marketing.

Why investing in marketing is essential for better business success.

Importance and best practices of customer service and data/lead management.

Use of Social Media like Facebook, Google, Twitter etc. to boost your business.

What does it takes to open your own tattoo studio and make it a successful venture.

Step-by-step strategies to beome a successful tattoo studio.

Team work and people management, Generate drives and motivation to keep your associates (artists and other team members) happy, faithful and energetic.