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Tattoo Studio In Kalyan

We pride to be the Best Tattoo Studio In Kalyan, with our 10 years of tattooing experience

Tattoo Shop in Kalyan

Best Tattoo Shop in Kalyan

Wherever you are in Mumbai, you can be sure to find a tattoo shop or a piercing shop that’s just the right fit. The inspiration for designs is never-ending, from the cosmopolitan Kalyan City to the creative hubs. With some of the biggest names in the global tattoo scene, impeccable artistry is guaranteed.

This studio specializes in custom tattoo work. But, no tattoo is too large or too small. Although the artist takes pride in designing something special for each client. We are happy to work with your ideas too. See our galleries under our tattoo work. 

The vibe & the studio itself are soothing and welcoming. The artists are pleasant, knowledgeable, and helpful.  Visit B Tattoo Studio in person or spend some time on here to see examples of & learn more about the artist & the studio.

We not only do all kinds of decorative/custom tattooing B Tattoos Artists also specialize in Scar cover via tattoos & scar camouflage with skin color. Including coloring stretch marks & scars, also know as Paramedical Tattooing. 

tattoo shop in kalyan

B Tattoos Boday Art Studio

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Although we try our best to provide our customers with accurate price quotes, the final cost of your Tattoo will come down to a combination of factors that are best discussed in the studio itself. Our dedication to price transparency guarantees that any updates thereafter the initial consultation will be communicated promptly via email. Come and join us for a complimentary consultation and let’s make your dream come true. Ask about price in contact form!!!