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B Tattoos is Best Tattoo Shop In Kalyan.

Who We Are?

Professional Tattooing & Piercing Studio.

B Tattoos is professional tattoo shop in Kalyan. Hence, which was been established in 2010 by Pratik Jaising Bapardekar, who is one of top artist in City.

Why B Tattoos..?

The term “B” indicates “Beloved” which is rapidly becoming a very popular symbol in the tattoo world. Whereas, people can trust us for learn and perform a body art for long time of beauty of their body. Such as we not only have an established library of work to choose form.  But, also our main objective is to create art from the description of our clients as close to reality as possible. 


B Tattoos History.

B Tattoo is only one stop whereas you can introduce yourself with tattoo cultures. As well as will loved to show you our artistic skills and would like to increase your interest in tattooing culture. In fact with a small needle we can complete all dreams. Further it will help you to express beauty of body. Definitely you will like beautiful colors of shadings and bordering on body.


In Fact our goal is to create a memory that can be loved and cherished by you for a lifetime. Hence your imagination is B tattoos needle destination. Not only we have best artists but also they’re strong imaginary and professional sketching skills.

Come and join us for a complimentary consultation and let’s make your dream come true.


In B Tattoos although we try our best to provide our customers with accurate price quotes which will love them. The final cost of your Tattoo will come down to a combination of factors. That’s are best discussed in the studio itself. Our dedication to price transparency guaranteed. That any updates there after the initial consultation will be communicated promptly via email. Come and join us for a complimentary consultation and let’s make your dream come true.

best tattoo shop in kalayan team management.

Our Team.

Professional Team of B Tattoos.

They’re world-class professional artist of tattoo industry in kalyan tattoo academy. Who love to sketch memorable body tattoo.

top tattoo artist in kalyan

Artistic Pratik

Pratik is the founder and owner of the "B Tattoos Body Art Studio".

B Tattoos | Lajari Mishra

Cutie Lajari

Manager at B Tattoos Body Art Studio.


Meet is Whiz of tattoo with experiences of 10 years.


Sanket Varhadi is maestro of Tattooing Industry.


Sudhir is Artisan at B Tattoos Artist Studio where he like to create or cover Tattoo Designs.

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